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Spreading Cheer From A Safe Distance

After watching all the grim news reports of the past week and seeing so much of her community grind to a halt, Jessica Prudden, owner of Prudden Company Real Estate, had an idea.

She bought several dozen tulips from a local shop, hauled them to the corner of 3rd and Washington, and gave them away to passing drivers with the help of her husband and co-workers.

“We’re part of the North Loop. We love it here, and we just want to keep positivity in the air,” she said.

At first, some people resisted the offer, apparently thinking that they were trying to sell the flowers. But eventually, others started rolling down their windows or pulling over and expressing their thanks.

“It’s a small gesture,” Jessica said, “but we just wanted to get out and about and see people from a distance.”

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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