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Storefront Getting New Life Soon From Familiar Name

In the next few weeks, a storefront that’s been vacant on 2nd Street since the pandemic will come back to life–and the new tenant will be familiar to most North Loop residents.

Scott Johnson, the owner of Jeromeo and PureomEO is moving his home furnishings, essential oils, perfumes and cannabis products from the space he’s occupied for 10 years on 3rd Avenue North to a new home just a couple blocks away, at 210 North 2nd Street.

It’s a short move he believes will make a huge difference in terms of foot traffic.

“I should’ve moved a long time ago,” Johnson said. “This time of year especially it’s frustrating because everybody comes to the North Loop but they stay over on the other side of Washington Avenue.”

The new location also provides a bigger space for clients booking massages.

“The whole lower level is going to be a much bigger wellness center than we have now,” Johnson said. “We’ll have five massage rooms and then also a couples massage room, a lounge and a sauna.” 

Crews are at work now transforming the new location, adding a staircase between the two levels. Next week, they’ll create a new entrance, installing double doors from the 2nd Street sidewalk so customers no longer need to go into the building’s lobby to enter the shop.

“PureomEO will have much more of a presence there,” Johnson said. “And a whole section will be just Carpe Diem CBD and You Betcha cannabis. And we’re gonna have like a glass bakery case that will have edibles and all that stuff.”

Between now and moving day, Johnson said he’ll be having sales at his 3rd Avenue location, in hopes of reducing inventory.

“I’d be happy to (sell) half of it,” he said. “It would be nice to kind of have a whole new restart. We’re getting a lot of new things from India soon anyway.” 

He’s not sure yet whether he’ll be allowed to paint the exterior trim on the new location to match the green and orange tones of his current one.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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