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Tackling The Litter Problem With New Receptacles

As great as it’s been to see our streets and sidewalks lively again with people enjoying the North Loop, we’ve also seen the return of a pesky problem this year: cans, bottles, wrappers and other litter strewn about the neighborhood.

So besides organizing monthly volunteer cleanups, the North Loop Neighborhood Association also just spent thousands of dollars to place 17 more trash receptacles along the sidewalks.

“We did not have enough of them, they were not where the people were,” said NLNA board member David Crary. “We really tried to get them along Washington Avenue where they have so many people going in and out. I think 95% of people will put trash in the right spot if you give them the opportunity.”

The NLNA, along with the non-profit Neighbors for North Loop Livability, agreed to spend a combined $25,000 for the receptacles if the businesses or building managers agreed to empty them when they’re full.

You can now find them outside Cuzzy’s, Smack Shack (2), JD Hoyt’s (2), Tower Lofts (2), Hewing Hotel (2), TownePlace Suites (2), Aria (2), Inbound BrewCo, 918 Lofts and the office tower at 241 North 5th Ave (2).

In addition, Sunrise Banks decided to purchase two of their own, bringing the total number of new receptacles to 19 this month.

Crary said the new receptacles are much nicer than the plastic ones provided by the city. “We tried to find a design that fits the North Loop,” he said.

If possible, he’d like to see several more added in the coming years.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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