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Taco Giveaway Draws Crowd To Fuzzy’s Grand Opening

The chance to win free tacos for a year had people waiting before dawn outside the new Fuzzy’s Taqueria on the Nordic Plaza, as it opened for the first time at 8am. The first 25 in line will now get two free tacos a week until next May.

Even with temperatures in the low 50s, North Loop resident Christian Beck arrived at 5:15 am to claim the first spot. “I love tacos,” he said, “but I also got my second COVID shot yesterday so I’ve been up since midnight. Chills, aches, all that good stuff. So I thought if I was going to be chilly and achy, I might as well do it outside and wait for tacos.”

Next in line, at 5:30, were roommates Edward Davalle and Matthew Sedlacek. Edward is originally from Texas, where the Fuzzy’s chain got its start. Having one open up in his new neighborhood brings back good memories. “I had my first legal drink at a Fuzzy’s,” he said, “and I love tacos.”

Fuzzy’s will be open 8am – 10pm Sunday-Thursday and 8am-11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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