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Tour The Future Home Of Winery, OrangeTheory, Others

After a thorough gutting and remodeling of the 107-year-old warehouse at 411 North Washington, the first new tenant has moved in (Edina Realty) while work continues on the other floors to get ready for a winery, fitness studio, marketing firm and publishing company.

The Swervo Development Corporation gave the building a new rooftop addition, all new mechanical systems, sandblasted the old walls, ceilings and concrete to remove plaster and paint, removed an old elevator in the center of the building and replaced it with a new one against an interior wall. And they made the building ADA accessible, redoing the Washington Avenue entrance with a lift inside the doorway, and creating a new entrance for the winery where there used to be a small door and steep steps inside.

The marketing and advertising firm, Broadhead, will take up the top three floors, including the rooftop addition, and is expected to be in by mid-November. AxeBridge Winery is hoping to move into the lower level by Spring of 2021, and work is underway on a new studio for OrangeTheory Fitness. Swervo just signed an agreement with a yet-to-be announced publishing firm to take up the last available level.

Here are some photos from inside:

Edina Realty conference room.


Edina Realty break room with light fixtures that feature soundproofing materials.

Expansive patio outside the new rooftop addition which features doors that slide open.


Inside the rooftop addition, they added brick to the interior walls to match the historic brick found in the rest of the building.


Some of the furniture and future workspaces for Broadhead.


Some of Broadhead’s desks being assembled and installed.


New stairway between two of Broadhead’s levels. This is where an elevator shaft used to be–in the center of the building.


Steps leading down into the winery from the new Washington Avenue entrance.


This is where the bar area of AxeBridge Winery will be.


The lobby hallway will feature historic photos. The glass entrance for OrangeTheory will be to the left of the elevator doors.


This space will be built out for the offices of a publishing firm.


By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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