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What To Do–And NOT Do–With The Trees

In the past few weeks, about 170 news trees have been planted in the North Loop, thanks to Minneapolis Public Works which created new spaces for them during last summer’s road reconstruction—and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board which provided the trees and the labor.

Now, though, they’ll need some help from North Loop residents in keeping them watered—and keeping dogs from urinating on them. 

Cristy Blake

Cristy Blake is helping the North Loop Neighborhood Association line up volunteers to make sure the trees get at least an inch of water per week. “The most important years for a tree are the first two years,” she said, “So we are putting together a program called Adopt A Tree where we’re looking to find residents and businesses in the North Loop to take on the watering every week of a tree.”

The new trees have bags around the base with a space to insert a hose and fill it up. On weeks when it rains at least 3/4 of an inch, the watering won’t be needed, but it will be important during dry periods.

Cristy has already received pledges from businesses along 3rd Street North, including Corner Coffee/Corner Church, Sable and Modist. The HOA at 5th Avenue Lofts has agreed to water the new trees along 5th Avenue. And at Herschel Lofts, new resident Ron Waliczek volunteered to water 13 trees outside his building.

Ron Waliczek

He recently moved here from the Chicago area because of business and isn’t sure how long he’ll stay in the neighborhood, but he looks forward to seeing the trees grow. “If it’s ten years, I think it’ll be a blast to see that, and say ‘hey, I had something to do with that.’”

If there are new trees outside of your building, and you’d like to volunteer to water them, write to us at

As for pet owners, MPRB’s Forestry Director, Ralph Sievert said it can be tougher for young trees to survive in areas with a large concentration of dogs, when they’re allowed to urinate on them. He urged owners to steer them to the older trees.

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By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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