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COVID-19 Changing North Loop Events

For more than ten years, the North Loop Neighborhood Association has hosted the popular Candy Grab for kids at the neighborhood playground– whether it was sunny, raining or snowing outside.

But this year, we do have to call off the hunt, scheduled for April 11th, because of health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus.

“To adults, this is a no-brainer. To kids, this is unexplainable,” said Scott Woller, NLNA board members who organizes the event. “We are already working on some kid-focused fun in the North Loop as soon as we get the all-clear.”

At the same time, Woller announced that another early season event, the 3rd annual North Loop Food Truck Fair, will be moved to the fall.

Instead of May 17th, it is now scheduled to be held on Sunday, September 20th, from 3-7 PM at Heritage Landing.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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