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Wealth Management

Imagine your entire financial team working for you in one transparent, fiduciary-level engagement! Our ecosystem approach empowers you to get the most out of life and focus on what matters most to you, at your core.  It is not about a referral network and unaffiliated professionals, it is about a coordinated internally-managed  plan. Have questions about your wealth management? – reach out here

Investment Management

From strategic asset allocation and evidence-based investment philosophy to private access to non-public investment opportunities – we treat you like family! Our time tested, transparent, fiduciary-level investment philosophy puts the individual client and their objectives at the center of the investment portfolio. Our fiduciary approach to investment management removes commissions that can cause a conflict of interest. Have questions about your investment management? – reach out here

Risk Solutions

A well designed risk management program is not about simply buying insurance.  How risk is covered is not a fun topic to discuss, and it is commonly overlooked due to overemphasis on traditional insurance solutions.  With our Risk Solutions program, our experienced team works to determine options on how risk can be handled; discuss ways to transfer risk and how to structure coverages. This is an audit and consulting process not a sales pitch!  Have questions about your risk solutions? – reach out here

Tax & Accounting Resources

We offer not only top-tier tax and accounting services and planning to all our clients, but we coordinate this service differently, according to the type of client relationship you have with us. Tax/Accounting services are provided through one of our affiliates, James Lee of JLAC, Inc.  Have questions about your taxes and accounting? – reach out here

Business Financials Management

Just like us, many of our clients are practice or business owners. One of their most pressing worries is managing their companies’ financial health. This can rob you of the time you need to innovate, build, and succeed. By handling these time-consuming and complex operations for the owners of these practices and companies, we are able to empower them to take their lives back, reduce expenses, increase morale on their teams and retain key talent.

(Examples of services:  benchmarking of financial statements and goal planning around business cash flow and expenses. Strategy for taking income from the business, tax planning, employee benefits and company sponsored investment plans, HR solutions and outsourcing.) Have questions about your business financials management? – reach out here

Women’s Education & Community

Well-known facts: women live longer than men and hold 80% of the buying power, however, they are often under-educated about finances. Get started in minutes by taking control of your financial future with a community driven program for women and by women, iStartFirst Financial. No minimums, no gimmicks, and all of the hands-on, real strategies for financial planning and investing that your parents, schools and colleges never taught you. iStartFirst Financial is rooted in 3 pillars: personal connection, community, and education. Ready to start? – learn more here

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