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Fair Foods In The North Loop

For those wanting a taste of the State Fair without having to battle the crowds, some North Loop favorites are now offering fair-themed food and drinks through Labor Day.

Smack Shack is back with “Shack on a Stick,” in what it calls the Great North Loop Get-Together. They have lobster corn dogs with lemon chive aioli, fried scallops & cheese curd baskets, Old Bay fried pickles and $5 beer and cocktails.

Thr3Jack is offering honey habañero fried chicken-on-a-stick, lamb and beef meatball wild rice gyros, mini buckets of cookies and guava cilantro limeade.

Red Rabbit, inspired by the popularity of corn at the fair, has Sweet Corn Ribs and Corn & ‘Njuda Pizza.

Red Cow is offering Hot Sunnys: fried bluegill & fries tossed in their Nashville hot seasoning. ⁠

And Bellecour Bakery has a Cro-Dog, which is an all-beef hot dog-on-a-stick wrapped in a croissant with a side of dijonnaise.

These are all the fair-themed items we’ve noticed on social media so far, but we’ll update this list as we learn of any more.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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