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Improvements Coming To 394 And Washington Ave in 2023

A long overdue fix is coming next year to the intersection where Interstate 394 ends at Washington Avenue in the North Loop.

Right now, because of a raised section supporting a traffic signal there, drivers turning left or going straight have to share one lane while those turning right will often fly around the corner, endangering pedestrians and cyclists.

This raised section will be removed.

A new rendering from MnDOT (below) shows that divider removed with a new left turn lane created. At the same time, the sharp right-turning lane will be eliminated, so those turning right will be in the same lane as those going straight onto 3rd Avenue North.

“This is a great example of the state, city and county working together to come up with a solution,” said city council member Michael Rainville, who advocated for the changes at the city level. MnDOT controls what happens along 394, 3rd Avenue North is a city street and Washington Avenue is a county road, so coordination among the three jurisdictions was key for this intersection.

Work on the $1 million project is scheduled to begin in May of 2023 with completion around October.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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