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Lab Theater Reopening With “Dangerous” Shows

It’s been six months since the sounds of applause and laughter have echoed off the historic walls of The Lab Theater in the North Loop. But starting this week, we’ll hear it all again–along with several gasps from the crowd–as The Danger Committee brings its mix of comedy and danger to the stage for 11 shows.

“I think we have to try,” said Lab Theater president Mary Kelley Lear. “There’s nothing to replace a live performance.”

From throwing sharp objects to juggling with fire, The Danger Committee has been performing for many years, including a successful run on the NBC show, America’s Got Talent.

To address the COVID-19 concerns, capacity inside the theater will be reduced to 25%, and since they use movable chairs, it’s relatively easy to space everyone apart. Masks will be required, touchless thermometers will take the temperatures of everyone entering and the concession stand will be closed. The theater installed a new air filtration system this summer, and they have disinfectant sprayers to use on the seats between shows.

“I just hope the North Loop people say, ‘hey let’s support this thing’ because these artists need money, and God knows, the theater hasn’t had any income,” said Leer.

700 North 1st Street

If it goes well with this upcoming run of shows, September 17-27th, there are other performers tentatively lined up for future weeks. “I think we need to learn and we need to pivot and we do not know how long this is going to be,” said Leer, “so we can’t just stick our head in the sand and think, ‘well, we’ll wait till it’s over,’ because who knows when that will be?”

The theater will open 30 minutes before each performance.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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