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A ‘late-night patisserie’ from Schwan’s is coming to the North Loop

Emily Cassel : CITY PAGES : April 30, 2018

That’s a damn fine lookin’ freezer pie… imagine what the not-frozen version is going to look like.Instagram: @edwards_desserts

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where the pies are?

They’ll be in the North Loop, soon — more specifically, in the currently-under-renovation Lowry Building at 200 Washington Ave. N. — where Edwards Dessert Kitchen will open.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recently reported that the “late-night patisserie” concept comes from the Marshall, Minnesota-based Schwan’s, which currently sells the eponymous Edwards Baking Co. pies in the freezer section at your friendly neighborhood Hy-Vees and Targets. These ones will be of the fresh-not-frozen variety, though they’ll be joined by cold treats (ice cream!) along with your standard cookies and bars.

Also, apologies for burying the lede here, but Schwan’s is apparently hoping to get a liquor license for the location, meaning… cocktails and cream pie? Boozy tarts? Liquored-up coffee drinks? The Business Journal says “cocktails will be involved,” according to the bakery’s business plan, which is something all business plans should say.

The proposed hours at Edwards are 10 a.m. through 10 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday, with a midnight closing time on Fridays and Saturdays. The Lowry Building should reopen later this spring, and the pie place would presumably follow not long after.

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