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Layer Up And Enjoy These Reopened Patios

In hopes that people will bundle up and enjoy the novelty of it all, a number of North Loop restaurants and taprooms are reopening their patios on Saturday, December 19th (with temperatures in the 20s), because that’s what Governor Walz is allowing with the slight loosening of restrictions on the hospitality industry.

Among those with limited outdoor seating: Smack Shack, Red Rabbit, Red Cow, Inbound BrewCo, Fulton Taproom and Number 12 Cider. Check their social media accounts for hours and other specifics.

Smack Shack (photo above) spent close to $90,000 this fall to extend their patio season, adding infrared heaters to the patio roof to go with their portable tower heaters. And now they’re adding temporary sheets of corrugated steel along the railing to serve as a wind buffer.

“These kind of infrared heating systems you’ll find throughout Canada where they have four season patios with these kinds of heaters,” said Smack Shack’s Director of Beverage Operations, Geoffrey Trelstad. “It’s still going to be outdoors but it’s infrared so it heats surfaces. It will make it very pleasant out there year round.”

Red Cow

Red Rabbit and Red Cow also added heaters along with plexiglass and wood buffers to their patios but left the ceiling open-air.

At Inbound, bartender Annie Rydland said two propane heaters and four patio tables will be set up outside the taproom, with a maximum of four guests per table.

“Hopefully they will bundle up, stay safe and if they are comfortable coming out we’re going to make it as safe as possible,” she said. “We clean all the time. We want to keep our staff safe and our guests safe.”

Meanwhile, the majority of North Loop restaurants and taprooms are still doing takeout orders along with curbside pickup and delivery options.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

Red Rabbit

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