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Neighbors Opening “Two Mixed Up” At Graze

The latest kitchen concept at Graze Provisions + Libations comes from two neighbors and their spouses who are relative newcomers to the food service industry.

Two Mixed Up is doing a soft launch on the ground floor of Graze right now, mostly offering burgers, chicken tenders, cheesecakes and cookies. But in the coming weeks, they’ll be adding new offerings: a mix of American, Asian and Mexican meals and desserts.

Just three years ago, Sophie Estevez and her husband, Emilio, moved to Minnesota and met their neighbors across the street, E.J. and Katelyn Williams. Sophie, an auditor at the time, mentioned how much she likes to bake.  E.J., a press operator at the time, mentioned how much he likes to cook. Since then, they’ve both quit their jobs to follow this shared passion.

They had a food truck for a couple of months, then did food service for about a year at a Roseville bar until they recently applied to get into Graze.

Sophie said they’re excited to be in the North Loop. “Just the busy-ness of it and the atmosphere,” she said.

“We’re excited but we’re also scared too because it’s a different type of environment than we’re used to,” said E.J. “Every single thing so far about the North Loop has been dope. It’s a nice area.”

Their grand opening is set for January 1st.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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