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New Cannabis Shop Opens On North 2nd Street

Natreum, the fast-growing cannabis company out of St. Louis Park, just opened its newest retail location at 212 North 2nd Street in the North Loop, selling CBD and lower-dose THC products for both fun and wellness.

“We focus a lot on the wellness side along with the recreational side,” said manager Erin Kaine. “So we’re approachable for any person to come in here and have a good experience.”

They have everything from drinks and gummies to balms and tinctures. And Kaine says what sets them apart from other retail outlets is the information you’ll get about the products they sell. She’s very well-versed on things like phytocannabinoids.

“If you wanted to pick up a drink at a liquor store or some of these smoke shops, they’re not as adamant on the quality as we are here,” she said. “Everything here is going to have a COA (certificate of analysis), third-party approval. We’re going to have the cleanest products available.”

On the wellness side, they offer products designed to help with inflammation, relaxation, energy–even one that’s supposed to be an appetite-suppressant, to battle “the munchies.” And they have pet-calming products as well.

The lease at this North Loop building doesn’t allow them to become an actual marijuana dispensary once those licenses start going out in Minnesota next year, but their next retail outlet–near the Aveda Institute across the river in Northeast–will likely have that option.

Natreum also has a shop near Buck Hill in the south metro as well as their headquarters on Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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