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New Pathway Sought To Make North Loop Even More Walkable

People are drawn to the North Loop because there are so many things to walk to–restaurants, shops, baseball, breweries. But this walkable neighborhood does present some walking challenges.

You see, the North Loop wasn’t built with residents in mind. It was built for industry. It used to be lined with scores of railroad tracks and warehouses/factories right up next to each other along Washington Avenue.

So even though the tracks are long gone, the buildings are still bunched in tightly and you have to go blocks out of your way to cross from one side of the neighborhood to the other.

That’s why volunteers with the North Loop Neighborhood Association went looking for options. We found something promising by the TractorWorks building. Tucked way back into a hidden corner by their annex is a little-used alley, right behind where Borough and Parlour are.

If we were to bust through the end section of the alley wall, we could create not only a convenient new connection, but also deliver what residents request the most: more green space.

So we have launched this public/private initiative with TractorWorks along with park dedication fees from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, in hopes of raising enough money to make it happen.

Please consider making a donation and read more about the project here.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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