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New Signs Ask Dog Owners For Courtesy

As welcoming as the North Loop is to our beloved dogs—at taprooms, outdoor patios and many shops—there are some newly-green areas of the neighborhood where their owners are being asked to keep them away right now.

The city of Minneapolis just planted more than 170 new trees and dozens of strips of sod in areas of the North Loop that used to be solid concrete. Many dogs see these as great new areas to relieve themselves and mark their territory, but because of the large concentration of dogs in this area, it could cause serious harm to the greenery.

The North Loop Neighborhood Association is putting up signs, reminding pet owners of this issue. The NLNA has already lined up residents and businesses willing to water the trees and sod, because these new sections of greenery don’t have irrigation systems.

At 918 Lofts, Matt Bruns was excited to see the new green space in areas that didn’t used to have any, so he’s volunteered to do regular watering. “We want to make sure it stays alive,” he said, “because dead grass and dead trees just look terrible, so I take pride in it.”

Another resident, Kara Jankord, has also stepped forward to water the trees. “This is just a very easy community to love,” she said, “so when I saw the chance to volunteer, I jumped at it because for me it was an easy way to give back to this neighborhood that I love so much.”

As great as the response has been, the NLNA is still looking for volunteers to do some watering outside Paxon Apartments, Riverwalk and Bassett Creek Lofts. For more information, send us an email at

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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