Neighborhood Priorities

2018 Accomplishments

  • Held numerous neighborhood events throughout the year that promoted engagement and community spirit:
    • Annual Meeting at MUSE (est. 250 attendees)
    • Annual Candy Grab event (est. 350 attendees)
    • Food Truck Fair (13 trucks, est. 5,000 attendees)
    • Chalk Art Day (est. 50 attendees)
    • National Night Out at Target Field Station (est. 400 attendees)
    • Holiday movie at Target Field Station (est. 300 attendees)
    • 8 Neighborhood clean-up days
  • Placed pedestrian crosswalk signs throughout neighborhood
  • Landscaped the Welcome Park (100 shrubs, 14 trees, cleaned up and reseeded) – started a maintenance program for the park
  • Completed design for North Loop Welcome Monument
  • Collaborated with Parks to purchase land for North Loop city park on N 3rd Street using Park Dedication fees
  • Collaborated with Parks to approve $250k for Pedestrian Greenway through Park Dedication fees
  • Replaced numerous boulevard trees and perennials and installed two sidewalk planting beds; started watering program for new trees
  • Installed new North Loop banners throughout the neighborhood
  • Started research on historical signage project; produced prototype sign
  • Reviewed numerous proposed development projects, providing feedback, change recommendations and letters of support
  • Developed guidelines for reviewing neighborhood development projects
  • Installed first neighborhood Little Free Library

2019 Priorities

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Parks & Beautification
  3. Neighborhood Safety
  4. Business Community Partnership
  5. Historic Preservation & Public Art
  6. Civic Engagement
  7. Online Presence
  8. Extreme Priority Area: 3rd Avenue and Washington intersection