Neighborhood Priorities

2021 North Loop Neighborhood Association Highlights

Neighborhood Highlight

  • Acquired property for a new park on 3rd Street and 8th Avenue N through application of $2 million in North Loop Park Dedication Fees – removed pavement, remediated soil, installed irrigation and sodded (future park improvements to be determined by North Loop residents and businesses)

 Community Engagement

  • Held numerous neighborhood events throughout the year that promoted engagement and community spirit:
    • Annual Meeting via Zoom (est. 200+ attendees)
    • Annual Candy Grab (est. 500+ attendees)
    • Annual Food Truck Fair (est. 7,000 – 10,000 attendees)
    • National Night Out at Target Field Station (est. 300+ attendees)
    • Trick or Treat with North Loop Style (est. 200+ attendees)
  • Held monthly Service Saturday volunteer events (trash pick-up, river clean-up, blood drive, flu shots, Covid boosters, voter information, donation drives, organic composting info, etc.) – est. 20-30+ participants monthly

 Streets & Pedestrian Safety

  • Engaged with Hennepin County Commissioner, Irene Fernando, and her staff to address pedestrian safety on Washington Avenue – an ongoing process
  • P+Z Committee encouraged developers to work with the city to locate stop signs at 1st St and 8th Ave N (near Star Tribune) – now in place
  • Continued efforts working with the city to improve pedestrian safety

 Neighborhood Safety

  • Addressing homeless encampment situation with Mayor Frey, City Councilmembers, City and County departments, MPD and dedicated neighbors
  • Engaging with MPD to address increase in neighborhood crime


  • Used our social media channels during challenging times to promote hundreds of positive North Loop images and content
  • Started monthly email newsletter – 428 new subscribers in 2021 as of October 25 (2,063 total email subscribers), and established an online newsletter archive for easy reference
  • Monthly website traffic continues to increase with 12,000-19,000 visits in 2021 (
  • Grew our Instagram account to 21,300 followers
  • 4,940 Facebook page likes (5,746 people follow our page)
  • Continued to enhance the website to add additional relevant content – expanded “Resources” to include Environment and Developer sections and consolidated site Safety information under this section. Also added a Newsletter Archives to retain all past newsletters, and a Volunteer

Registration page

  • Added a new section to the website to support the new Parks+Placemaking Committee

Planning & Zoning

  • Heard 11 development presentations; sent letters of support to 11 projects, 2 of which had conditions
  • Posted and updated all projects coming before P+Z, including actions taken by the committee
  • Voted to support the developer interested in providing permanent funding to light the Washington Avenue Bridge – NLNA to pursue the opportunity
  • Determined need to have more info on P+Z’s approval process and to encourage developers to engage with the committee. Created a button on the “Resources” page on org to make information easier to find
  • Continued to participate in Root District activities – process continuing with 3 subcommittees to help design the undeveloped western portion of the North Loop
  • Encouraged developers to work with the city to locate stop signs at 1st Street N and 8th Ave North (near Star Tribune) and they are now in place

 Historic Preservation & Public Art

  • Added three more plaques to historic buildings in the North Loop, bringing the total to 17
  • Assisted our Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association neighbors with resources and information to begin their own history plaque project.

Business Community Engagement

  • Established a security email blast with most North Loop business owners

Environment, Parks & Beautification

  • Established a new Parks+Placemaking Committee, with nine initiating members – receiving public input for the future of North Loop parks, establishing a committee charter and determining priorities


  • Planted over 60 new trees in the North Loop this spring in partnership with Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Forestry
  • Continued our neighborhood tree watering program for new & second year trees
  • Mulched all trees on 3rd & 4th streets with MPRB Forestry donating the mulch
  • Inventoried all dead or diseased trees and open spots for spring 2022 planting

James I. Rice Park

  • Applied for and received a grant from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to hire the Friends of the Mississippi to study and advise Park Board and NLNA on removing and rehabbing James Rice Park
  • Volunteers cleared underbrush and branches at James Rice Park to open up views of the Mississippi River
  • In partnership with MPRB volunteers contributed over 1,000 hours to replant and mulch all garden beds surrounding the playground with native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers – over 150 trees and 200 indigenous plants (12-40+ volunteers on an ongoing basis)
  • Formed a volunteer group to water and weed garden beds spring through fall
  • Volunteers continue work to remove invasive plants, and non-native weed trees

Welcome Park

  • Continue to maintain the park at I-394 and Washington Avenue (2018 NLNA clean-up and landscaping initiative)

Dog Park

  • Successfully raised funds (matched by NLNA) to replace the stones in the dog park which were uncomfortable for dogs – remaining funds to be used for benches and other amenities


  • Implemented community organics recycling with two drop-off sites in partnership with Colonial Warehouse & Duffey Developments – added second recycling bins at both locations due to high demand – Held three community education events
  • Continued monthly neighborhood trash pick-up and clean-up events
  • Purchased and installed 17 new trash receptacles for the neighborhood – with a focus on Washington Avenue and busy side streets

North Loop Green

  • Established partnership with the new developers of North Loop Green as they plan for the park area that will be created in conjunction with the new 36-story development adjacent to Target Field that just broke ground.

 Civic Engagement

  • Registered voters and provided voter registration information at North Loop community events
  • Supported the opening of Avivo Village in the North Loop and forged a meaningful connection between Avivo and North Loop residents
    • Wrote and entered into a Good Neighbor Agreement to help set expectations and establish clear lines of communication
    • Hosted three online forums to educate North Loop neighbors, residents, and business owners about the Avivo Village project
    • Sponsored a donation drive for Avivo Village upon its full opening and filled 15 cars and a U-Haul, in partnership with Modist Brewing
    • Hosted a tagging/graffiti clean-up event in partnership with Avivo Village staff and residents as part of a Service Saturday activity
  • Increased number of Little Free Libraries in the North Loop from four to six
    • Launched partnership with Friends of the Minneapolis Library to help stock new libraries and hosted a LFL book drive
  • Hosted a flu shot clinic in partnership with Hennepin Health Partners and vaccinated 76 residents
  • Hosted a Covid booster shot clinic, partnering with Cub pharmacist Bob, and vaccinated 217 residents
  • Hosted and live-streamed series of voter education forums in partnership with the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association (DMNA) in advance of the municipal elections (Ward 3 City Council candidate forum, Strong Mayor / Question 1 forum, Public Safety / Question 2 forum)

Top Ten 2022 Neighborhood Priorities 

Priorities were voted on by neighborhood residents and businesses attending the North Loop Neighborhood Association annual meeting on January 23th.

#1 Neighborhood Safety 69%
#2 Community Engagement 32%
#3 Pedestrian Safety 30%
#4 Greening/Trees 16%
#5 Neighborhood Cleanup 16%
#6 Affordable Housing 16%
#7 Graffiti Cleanup 14%
#8 Parking 13%
#9 Sustainability 12%
#10 Business Engagement 9%

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