Planning+Zoning Committee

The Planning+Zoning Committee (P+Z) supports the overall mission of the North Loop Neighborhood Association to promote a climate of safety, livability, and improvement through public neighborhood meetings, communication and advocacy with the relevant municipal and county organizations.
The Committee provides comments and recommendations to the North Loop Board of Directors and serves as a guide for future land use, zoning, transportation improvements and open space. P+Z also identifies opportunities for commercial revitalization and, where appropriate, mixed-use development.

Meeting Time & Place

Heritage Landing Community Room Meetings Are Being Held In Person And Via Zoom on The 2nd to the last Wednesday of the month.

415 N 1st Street
6:00 – 7:30 pm
(Typically no meeting in December)

All meetings of the board and any committees are open to any Member of the board, and to all general Members. Only seated Directors are allowed to vote at board meetings. Input from the neighborhood can be received at the discretion of the board.

P+Z Committee Members

Arya Alizadeh
Irina Brown
Fred Dawe
Alice Eichholz
Marshall Hall
Joe McErlane
David Miller
Francesco Parisi
Blake Peterson*
Neil Reardon
Missy Roterdam
Zachery Schaaf
Mollie Scozzari
Matt Sharkey-Smith
Jo Vos (co-chair)
* Current NLNA board member

P+Z Project List

Planning+Zoning Charter (April 2022)

North Loop Planning and Zoning Guidelines – Committee (October 2017)

Contact the Planning+Zoning Committee.

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