Board of Directors, Agendas & Minutes

The Board of Directors holds monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of each month. All meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Time & Place

TractorWorks Meetings Are Held In Person And Via Zoom.
Typically There Is No Meeting In December.

800 N Washington Avenue (TractorWorks)
6:00 pm 

All meetings of the board and any committees are open to any Member of the board, and to all general Members. Only seated Directors are allowed to vote at board meetings. Input from the neighborhood can be received at the discretion of the board.

Current Board Members

Diane Merrifield: President; Communications
David Crary: Vice President; Parks+Public Art, Co-chair; Business Engagement
Margee Lancaster: Treasurer
Cristy Blake: Business Engagement; Parks+Public Art
Charlie Carlson: Civic Engagement; Safety+Livability
Kristi Hamilton
: Safety+Livability; Civic Engagement
Andrew Morse: Parks+Public Art
Louis Raymond: Parks+Public Art; Community Engagement; Business Engagement
Jeff Sondag: Planning+ Zoning Co-chair; Safety+Livability
Sarah Sundahl: Communications; Business Engagement
Scott Woller: Community Engagement; Communications

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