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North Loop Provides Books About Race, Social Justice

With the heightened awareness of race and social justice issues in the wake of George Floyd’s death, the North Loop Neighborhood Association is helping get information in the hands of those who want to learn more. We’ve purchased 60 best-selling books and placed them in our Little Free Libraries for neighbors to borrow–and then return for the next person.

They include So You Want To Talk About Race, White Rage, White Fragility, Between The World And Me and How To Be An Anti-Racist. We’re also waiting on the arrival of The New Jim Crow, which is on back-order.

“It feels like the city and country are kind of going through an awakening,” said NLNA board member Bri Sharkey-Smith. “And I think people who have maybe not had the chance to think about race and social structures and social justice are tuning in for perhaps the first time, which is really exciting.”

Because of the high demand for these books (which was evident on Friday when every copy was taken within 3 hours of being placed in the 1st Street Little Free Library), we’ve placed stickers inside the front covers, asking those who borrow the books to make sure and return them so others can benefit.

We currently have four Little Free Libraries in the North Loop. Our newest one is outside the dog park at 8th Avenue and 3rd Street. One is at the corner of 4th St North and 7th Ave North. Another is along 1st St North on the eastern edge of River Station. And a fourth is along River Street in The Landings development.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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