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Prominent Chef Turning Ribnick’s Into Brasserie, Speakeasy

As Ribnick enters the last two days of its 76-year run in the North Loop, we can now reveal what will happen next in the historic building.

Chef David Fhima confirmed today that his family is the one that purchased it, with plans to turn it into a Moulin Rouge-inspired restaurant along with a speakeasy and event center. Here’s the statement he released today:

“In the heart of the North Loop, Moulin Rouge LLC will be home to a new restaurant, speakeasy and event center owned and operated by the Fhima Family. The restaurant will offer the same eccentric aesthetic as the infamous Moulin Rouge in France, with an authentic speakeasy bar, a brasserie ambiance in the main dining room, and an all-American (à la Ralph Lauren) event center on the third floor. Given the devastating blows endured by the Minneapolis community in the last two years, the project will commit to partnering with those in need. The Fhima Family is dedicated to supporting both the hospitality industry and the BIPOC community and will do so through the creation of a food justice platform showcasing the cultural talents that exist in this remarkable city.

“It has been a demanding process, but a labor of love nonetheless. This could not have happened without the help of the Ribnick family, namely Bill Ribnick, and the partnership of Sunrise Banks’ incredible team. We will honor this historic space, paying homage to the iconic Ribnick family name and honoring the building’s legacy with every plate prepared and with every guest served,” says Chef Fhima.

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