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Ten North Loop Photos That Got The Most Likes

You can see the pride people have in the North Loop by how they react to our Instagram account. While we had 27 posts in 2021 that drew at least 1,000 likes, here are the top ten:

  1. Fall Aerial (2,791 likes)

This gorgeous Fall shot of our neighborhood and the Mississippi riverfront now holds the all-time record for likes on our Instagram account. It was shot by photographer @shutter_wisephoto.

2. Return of Bar La Grassa (2,149 likes)

After being closed for more than a year during the pandemic, Bar La Grassa and Snack Bar announced in the Spring that they were coming back, and our followers rejoiced. All four of our posts about the reopening drew big reactions, averaging more than 2,000 likes apiece.

3. Flower Flash (1,855 likes)

In a show of appreciation for the city sticking it out in a tough year, Prudden Company Real Estate decorated the traffic light at 3rd Avenue and 2nd Street North with an elaborate floral display in early May.

4. Moulin Rouge Coming To The North Loop (1,641 likes)

Chef David Fhima revealed in late December that his family purchased the Ribnick building with plans to turn it into a Moulin Rouge-inspired French brasserie along with a speakeasy bar and event center.

5. Bernie Waits For Wings (1,595 likes)

Among the many Bernie Sanders sightings around the world in January, we found him on the snowy patio of Monte Carlo.

6. Historic Building On The Move (1,421 likes)

In December, crews moved a 130-year-old building around the block temporarily to make way for underground parking at what will be a new hotel/dining/retail project on 1st Street.

7. Nightlife Returns (1,410 likes)

With the arrival of vaccines, we started to see more people returning to enjoy the nightlife in the North Loop.

8. Cuzzy’s 26th Anniversary (1,399 likes)

Our favorite dive bar has been in the North Loop since 1995. They weren’t able to celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2020 because of the pandemic, but they made up for lost time this year.

9. Stone Arch Festival Moving To Our Side (1,394 likes)

When we broke the news that the Stone Arch Bridge Festival was moving to our side of the river for 2021 (instead of the St. Anthony Main area shown in this photo), our followers were elated. And the event was so successful on this side, it’s coming back here in June of 2022.

10. Billy’s Tuna Sculpture (1,393 likes)

The owner of Billy Sushi had ice carvers create a 6-foot sculpture of a bluefin tuna outside his restaurant.

We want to thank the 21,000+ people who’ve signed up as followers of our Instagram account and look forward to showing off our great neighborhood through many more posts in 2022. Happy New Year!

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer


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