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Reimagined Butcher & The Boar Opens Here February 7th

As workers finish up the fancy new entrance to Butcher & The Boar at the Bassett Creek Business Center, the restaurant’s new owners, Jester Concepts, shared photos of the interior spaces as they get set to open February 7th.

They told the Star Tribune in an article posted earlier this week that patrons of the original Butcher & The Boar will notice several similarities: a floor tiled with pennies, plenty of wood and leather, and of course the smoked meats and bourbon that made the original so popular.

But there will also be more non-meat and non-alcoholic options on their menu.

“We are bringing back the institution of smoked meats, bourbon, craft beer, diverse wines, community and atmosphere to its new home in North Loop,” the restaurant says on its website. “Butcher & The Boar will honor our beloved roots while spreading new ones in our fresh foundation. Our commitment to welcoming everyone, sharing our hospitality, our space and expanding on our legacy is the core of our purpose.”

Jester Concepts also owns Borough and Parlour in the North Loop, which are celebrating their 10th anniversary here this month.

In the Star Tribune article, owner Brent Frederick said there are several advantages to the new location, compared to Hennepin Avenue downtown. “It’s a safer neighborhood and we love it over here,” he said.

Butcher & The Boar is now taking reservations on Tock.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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