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Sandwich Wraps From The Owners Of Wrecktangle Arrive At Graze

The latest food concept at Graze Provisions + Libations, opening Tuesday, April 23rd is WRAP, a place for “handheld food stuff” that some people will remember for its brief pop-up in the North Loop during the pandemic.


“We do a turmeric flour tortilla and then it’s just whatever we want to put in it, like a sandwich,” said co-owner Jeff Rogers. “The tortillas are really the kicker. They’re unbelievably good.”

Jeff Rogers and Breanna Evans

They’re starting with ten different wraps, each with human names like Gloria, Timothy and Kyle, and they plan to add more down the road.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to put something out and then before you know it, the journey takes you in a way you didn’t expect,” said co-owner Breanna Evans. “And that’s the fun part, discovering what naturally progresses from the menu.”

“They’re sort of, kind of named after people we know, whether they like it or not,” Rogers said. “There’s one named after my mom and my brother and her (Breanna).

Rogers and Evans debuted Wrecktangle Pizza at North Loop Galley in late 2019 and have since opened four other locations. Coming out of the pandemic in 2021, they wanted to take advantage of an empty space at The Galley and put some people to work, so they opened the first version of WRAP there for a couple of months.

“I just want to say thanks for the North Loop community for supporting us during a weird little pop up as we were testing something out,” said Evans.The fact that we did something fun and people liked it—and when we announced we were coming back we had so many people like, ‘are you gonna have this? I remember this!’ 

WRAP is on the ground floor next to Fabled Rooster. It will be open seven days a week starting at 11am.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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