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Stigma Returning With THC Products, Eyeing Dispensary Location Here

It will likely be late 2024 or early 2025 before any marijuana dispensaries become licensed and open their doors under Minnesota’s recently passed legislation.

But between now and then, Stigma, Minnesota’s first accredited CBD business, is planning to re-establish itself in the North Loop with a new retail store here this summer selling hemp-derived THC drinks and other products while also making plans to open a marijuana dispensary in the neighborhood down the road.

The location of that dispensary is yet to be determined, but Stigma’s retail outlet this summer will share space with Rise Bagel at the corner of North 3rd Street and 6th Avenue North—operating at different hours from the bagel shop. While Rise closes at 1pm, Stigma plans to be open 4-8 Thursdays-Sundays at the outset.

Products will include everything from edibles, beverages and CBD products to THC chocolates and ice cream.

Josh Maslowski, Stigma founder

“For now, we can sell everything that’s hemp-derived,” said Stigma founder Josh Maslowski. “That’s the difference. Hemp-based THC is what we’re selling today but cannabis or marijuana-based THC is what will be the high-dose products in the future.” 

Before officially opening the retail space, Stigma is holding a few ticketed events, such as painting sessions they’re calling “Cannabis + Canvas.” The next one is on July 15th.

March 2019, Star Tribune

Stigma made its debut to much fanfare inside Jeromeo on 3rd Avenue in the North Loop in early 2019. Even Mayor Jacob Frey attended the opening event. But the company pulled out during COVID (although the sign outside the store still hasn’t been taken down).

“We think this summer is the time to come back to the North Loop and provide the premium products that we make here in Minnesota,” Maslowski said. “The entire country’s coming, all the big corporate conglomerates and all that. We can’t stop that from happening, but what we can do is try to build a name and a customer base now that trusts us, knows us and in the end knows that our products are gonna be more or less the same options as the big corporate players.”

You can follow Stigma’s Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on their retail opening.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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