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Viral North Loop Skateboarding Video Goes Around The World

In what’s easily become the most-viewed social media post our little non-profit has ever put out there, skateboarding enthusiasts around the globe have been sharing and liking our video of the big crowd of skateboarders who took over North 2nd Street for a few minutes on June 21st.

Facebook users from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Venezuela, Australia, Colombia and many more countries have been sharing the video of Go Skateboarding Day in the Twin Cities–some of them writing in the comments “What city is this?”

The video has racked up more than 345,000 views on Facebook and another 24,000 on Instagram.

It’s probably worth noting that the video* shows only a fraction of the skaters who rolled down 2nd Street that night. My wife and I (both retirees who don’t move that fast) heard the roar of their wheels inside our 2nd story condo around 8:15pm. By the time we ran downstairs and got outside with our phones, a big portion of the crowd had already passed by. But there was obviously still plenty to shoot!

Pretty cool to see people around the world enjoying it.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

(*If you’re not on social media, you can also watch the video the video on the North Loop Vimeo page).

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