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Style Consultant Says North Loop’s Vibe Attracted Her

From her sunny studio in a converted North Loop warehouse, Brenda Iris Rodriguez-Mendlik is now helping clients see themselves in a new light as she selects clothes and accessories that are more flattering and more suited to their image than what they may have picked out for themselves.

“I try to truly honor the person’s personality as well as their body shape,” she said. “A lot of us have things that we don’t feel comfortable with whether it’s our arms or legs, so I really try to bring that into styling because I want the person to feel fully confident. And when we’re wearing the right undertone (color), it just kind of enhances our natural traits. Your eyes, your hair, your skin tone looks healthier, brighter and even younger.”

Earlier this year, Brenda moved her business, Mindful Styling, to the 3rd floor of the historic International Design Center building next to Spoon and Stable.

“I was always attracted to older buildings and I just really love the vibe, the energy of the North Loop,” she said. “It’s just very homey, a very beautiful community.”

In her one-to-one consultations, she first meets with their clients in their homes, checks out their wardrobes and then begins suggesting items she’s seen online and in local shops–including several in the North Loop. Then, when she has all the new items in her possession, she has the client visit her studio to try everything on. If anything isn’t right, she returns it.

She is also hosting a 2-hour Color Discovery workshop in September.

“It’s a skill that you can harness, that you can learn how to do for yourself,” she said.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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