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Thanks For Everything, Tim!

When he broke the news to his fellow board members in October, North Loop Neighborhood Association president Tim Bildsoe had to pause a few times to keep his emotions in check. After nearly five years on the board–four as president–work considerations were forcing Tim and his wife, Kathleen, to move to the west metro.

Since arriving in the North Loop in 2015 (after serving 16 years on the Plymouth City Council), Tim has devoted countless volunteer hours to bringing positive change to our neighborhood. From lobbying the mayor to overhaul our streets which were terribly outdated, to coordinating meetings between the city, county and state to give us a left-turn arrow at 3rd and Washington, to personally placing pedestrian safety signs at key crosswalks, Tim has been a powerful advocate for the neighborhood.


He led the monthly litter pickups in the neighborhood, helped raise funds for the new Welcome Monument at 3rd and Washington, helped establish Little Free Libraries in the North Loop, led the neighborhood’s financial partnership with YouthLink to help young people experiencing homelessness, brought in an all new gravel surface for the dog park, met with developers planning to move their businesses here, and performed several clerical duties that helped keep the NLNA’s budget solvent–all as a volunteer and all while maintaining a demanding full-time job.

“We’ve accomplished so much in the North Loop,” he said. “I have tremendous pride that every year our board sets priorities and every year we not only accomplish them together as a team but then we do more.”

As he leaves the neighborhood with its newly-paved streets, colorful monument and other symbols of his leadership, Tim says he’s confident that the momentum will continue.

“It’s just a matter of people taking pride in where they live, and that pride is here,” he said. “It’s part of the DNA of North Loop residents, so that tells me that it’s going to continue.”

Tim’s departure creates an extra opening on the board of the North Loop Neighborhood Association. We’ll soon be announcing details of our annual meeting and election of new members which will take place virtually January 27th.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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