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Goodnight To The “Neighbourly Day” Building

Demolition crews have started tearing down an abandoned building behind Fairgrounds Coffee and Lululemon that many considered an eyesore, although a colorful mural on the west side made it a bit of a landmark.

310 N 2nd Street

A few years ago, a business tenant painted the saying “It’s A Neighbourly Day” on the wall, reportedly as a sarcastic swipe at residents across the tracks who had complained about its rundown condition. The mural became a familiar sight to joggers and cyclists on the nearby paths as well as those neighbors across the tracks.

Vandals have been adding graffiti to the walls as well. The demolition was originally supposed to happen in the spring but was delayed by COVID-19.

The future view from 2nd Street.

A new 6-story apartment building known as 310 Lofts will go up in its place, and will have retail space on the ground level.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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