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Thousands Of Eggs Ready To Go For Upcoming Candy Grab

About seven thousand eggs are now loaded up with candy and ready to be snatched up March 30th at Target Field Station at the North Loop’s annual free Candy Grab. The event starts at 9:30, the “grabbing” starts at 10am and it goes quickly, so parents and kids are urged to get there early.

“One of the big aspects of it is that it’s a family photo opp moment,” said North Loop Neighborhood Association board member Scott Woller. “There’s a lot of selfies shot in the North Loop, but not necessarily a lot with kids.”

About two dozen volunteers showed up to stuff the eggs in the hallway outside of Corner Coffee. The event is free thanks to businesses and organizations that paid for the candy and eggs: MartinPatrick3, AxeBridge Winery, Loop Dental, Corner Church, City Council Member Michael Rainville and the North Loop Neighborhood Safety Club.

“There are a lot of neighborhood businesses that we can really count on to support events like this,” Scott said, “to make them free for our neighbors.”

Mixed in with the candy eggs will be about 100 “golden eggs” with tickets for a special prize table where kids can pick out their own prize.

The event is generally for grade school-aged kids and younger. The eggs will be placed in four age-specific zones which will be clearly marked at the event. Thanks to all our great volunteers who make events like these happen!

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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