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Cannabis Shop Coming To Washington Avenue Will Become Dispensary

Brothers Adam and David Hoffman are just weeks away from opening their new shop at 9th and Washington, SweetLeaves, which they say will be an “ultra high-end space” where shoppers can learn about all aspects of cannabis. And with fancy lighting, artworks and a new speaker system, they say it will be “a real vibe.”

Bennett Bossert Architecture

“We’re offering an experience for every consumer that walks in,” said Adam. “A lot of places, you’re just going for a good, like an edible or drink. But we’re really offering a high-end experience that’s going to provide really knowledgeable education about everything that cannabis encompasses.”

It’s the first of what they hope will be several SweetLeaves locations and they decided the North Loop would be a great starting point.

Bennett Bossert Architecture

“We wanted something vibrant, we wanted a highly-populated place and this will be our flagship location,” David said. “Ultimately this is the premiere location for us.”

While Minnesota legalized the recreational use of marijuana last August, the state likely won’t start issuing licenses for dispensaries until 2025–and the Hoffman brothers will be among the early applicants. Until they receive that license, though, they’ll be selling the lower dose THC products.

“We’ll be selling hemp-derived cannabis products in the form of edibles, beverages, chocolates, hard candies,” said Adam. “And then on the other hand, we’ll be carrying really unique smokeable products and accessories that you haven’t really seen at other stores in the Twin Cities.”

Bennett Bossert Architecture

They’re in the process of converting the large, glassy corner next to Spyhouse Coffee where Honest Media used to host photo and video shoots. Depending on the progress of construction, they hope to open as early as the first week of May.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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