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Where Else Would You Find A Bluefin Tuna Ice Sculpture?

Of all the wintry themes he could’ve chosen for his end-of-the-year ice sculptures this year, Billy Tserenbat opted for a 6-foot, 500-pound bluefin tuna outside his restaurant, Billy Sushi.

“The theme is nice fresh fish,” he said. “We sell more bluefin tuna than anybody else by individual restaurant in North America.”

The sculpture is pretty close to actual size of the tunas he receives and cuts up inside the restaurant, going through 500 pounds a week.  “We have 3 bluefin tuna (delivered) here every week,” he said.

Working with a local ice carving company, Minnesota Ice, Billy also brought back the ice throne that was so popular last year, with a red heart on the back.

As long as they withstand this week’s warmer temperatures, he’s hoping the tuna is equally popular this year for social media photos. “At least they can know what tuna is all about,” he said. “It’s not the canned tuna, what is it ‘Chicken of Sea?’ No.”

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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