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Woman Opens New MedSpa, Wellness Center On 1st Street

Lunette Castillo is just a couple weeks away from giving birth to her third child, but before that special moment in her personal life, she also managed to reach a professional milestone–opening her first practice. It’s a MedSpa and wellness center known as Aesthetic Repository.

“I’m an independent nurse practitioner, so in Minnesota what that means is that you can independently own a medical clinic or medical spa after so many years of training,” she said. “I wouldn’t do anything besides wellness and aesthetics because that’s what I’m passionate about.”

Aesthetic Repository is on the lower level of the Riverwalk Lofts building on North 1st Street.

“Right now we’re really promoting our IV hydration therapy,” Castillo said. “We’re promoting our Ozempic weight loss packages. We have a laser for skin tightening, laser hair removal as well as treating hyper pigmentation and skin tone differences.”

Castillo said when she started her search for a location, the North Loop was at the top of her list.

“I like the vibe of the North Loop just like everybody else,” she said. “I really like the history like the Warehouse District. I like the sort of up-and-coming area vibe. I just wanted to be part of it.”

She knows there are other businesses here providing beauty services but says she brings a new dimension.

“What makes me different is I would say that I really focus on marrying wellness plus aesthetics and looking at the person holistically. I see a lot of people hyper focused on just aesthetics and not the wellness piece.”

You’ll find a detailed list of services on the company’s website.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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