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“Permanent Jewelry” Trend Arrives In The North Loop

While the concept of permanent jewelry–chains, bracelets, etc. without clasps–has been around in some cultures for a long time, it’s having a big moment around the world right now, thanks to viral videos.

“It’s definitely hot right now, it’s definitely trending and going viral because we have social media like TikTok and Instagram,” said Colleen Fernandez, owner of BOUND Permanent Jewelry which has a suite inside Arch Salon & Suites in the North Loop.

Generally, it’s something that’s meant to be shared between two people–or a group of people–who share a tight bond. They purchase these items with the intention of never taking them off.

“My number one clientele by far is mother-daughters,” Fernandez said. “That was a big inspiration for me to start this company. I saw how jewelry binds women together and connects them in a different way, and that’s kind of also the inspiration behind the name, of being bound to your family, your faith, your interests.

“Men are very interested in this too because it is something that you don’t have to take on and off every day. It’s very low maintenance.”

After the clients sip champagne and design the jewelry themselves–sometimes adding items like birthstones–Fernandez uses a small TIG welder to melt it just enough that it’s a solid ring of metal.

“It’s not embedded in you in any way,” Fernandez said. “A lot of people hear ‘permanent jewelry’ and they’re thinking back to body modification or something much more extreme.”

It’s not necessarily “permanent” in the literal sense, either because it can easily be cut open if the need arises.

Fernandez believes she’s found the perfect neighborhood in the North Loop.

“I really wanted to be part of a vibrant community that is growing, that cares deeply for members of its community.”

She does quite a few pop-ups and private parties, and her North Loop suite (90 North 2nd Avenue) is open Thursdays-Sundays 1-6pm.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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