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Women’s Expansion Nearly Complete At MartinPatrick3

Don’t worry, guys. Your clothing and accessories still make up a majority of what MartinPatrick3 sells in the North Loop. But sales of women’s items have been so strong, the owners have been shifting and moving sections of the business around lately to make more room.

Part of the new expansion just opened, while the rest is set to debut in the next week or so.

“This will give women’s probably double the square footage that they have now,” said co-owner Dana Swindler.

The tailoring section has been moved to where MP3’s offices used to be in the back corner. The offices have moved to another section of Colonial Warehouse. And now they have room not only for a much larger women’s section but also a larger VIP lounge and dedicated space for pop-ups.

Relocated office space

“We have brands come to us that want to do a pop-up for a week or two, even for men’s or women’s shoes, or trunk show pop-ups for a weekend,” said Swindler. “But this way we can do pop-ups and leave the apparel or accessories for a longer period of time without disrupting the store.”

It’s just the latest in a long line of growth spurts for MP3 since moving into Colonial Warehouse in 2010.

“We began with about 5,000 square feet, went to seven, 11, 14, and now we have like 25,000 square feet for retail,” Swindler said.

MartinPatrick3 also sells furniture and provides interior design services.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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