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North Loop Pedestrian Safety Will Be Focus Of Council Member

Think we could use a few more crosswalk markings and stop signs in the neighborhood? How about bike lane improvements?

Our city council representative, Michael Rainville, has set up a North Loop visit this Saturday, the 6th, specifically to look at the issues facing pedestrians and cyclists–and he would like to hear from you.

Rainville, along with two board members of the North Loop Neighborhood Association, David Crary and Pat Dawson, will be walking the neighborhood starting at 4th Street and 5th Avenue near Graze around 1:00 on Saturday.

Last summer, council member Rainville paid a similar visit to hear concerns about Washington Avenue traffic, and he worked with the county to come up with new “pedestrian refuges” that are due to be installed this spring. This video, shown at our annual meeting, illustrates how the refuges will work.

Feel free to join council member Rainville on Saturday’s walk to show him the areas of biggest concern.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer


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