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New Franchise Row Will “Fill A Gap” In Our Restaurant Scene

A new dining complex is being planned under the I-94 overpass along North 4th Street, featuring an Applebee’s, Culver’s and Outback Steakhouse.

“We’ve identified a real need here,” said Maple Grove developer Tad Skipper. “North Loop has several good restaurants but none of them serve Riblet Platters, Butter Burgers or Bloomin’ Onions as far as I can tell. This complex will fill a gap.”

Jameson says suburbanites should feel more comfortable entering the city with safer choices like these. Drive-up windows and ample parking will also reduce the need for physical exertion.

(Editor’s note: None of this is true. Check the date. We remain an Applebee’s-free Zone.)

By Matt Bentley, Publisher

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