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Downtown Service Area Master Plan

November 30, 2017

Downtown Service Area Master Plan will guide development of all non-riverfront Downtown Minneapolis parks for the next 20-30 years after final commissioner approval

11-30-2017 Downtown Service Area Master Plan approved

Three years of community-based planning and design shaped cohesive long-term plan for five existing non-riverfront downtown parks as well as potential development of new parks or park-like spaces in downtown

On Nov. 29, 2017, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) Commissioners approved the Downtown Service Area Master Plan (DSAMP), a document that will guide outdoor improvements at all non-riverfront Downtown Minneapolis parks (Elliot Park, Franklin Steele Square, Gateway Park, Loring Park, Park Avenue Triangle) and the potential acquisition and development of new parkland within Downtown Minneapolis for the next 20-30 years.

This plan provides an opportunity for the downtown park system to be redesigned or envisioned for the first time, comprehensively, with an eye to what can exist in each park and how the parks work together. As available space for downtown parks and open space dwindles, comprehensive park planning is essential to shaping the quality of life for downtown residents, as well as the whole of Minneapolis that seeks to enjoy its downtown.

The Downtown Service Area Master Plan

The plan is divided into six chapters, which can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Chapter 1: Introduction & Planning Framework

Chapter 2: Planning Process 

Chapter 3: Service Area Vision 

Chapter 4: Park Planning & Design 

Chapter 5: Operations & Partnerships  

Chapter 6: Implementation 

The DSAMP is one of five geographically organized master plans that will collectively design or redesign every neighborhood park in Minneapolis. The South Service Area Master Plan, which covers all neighborhood parks south of downtown and east of I-35W, was approved in September 2016. This is the second approved MPRB service area master plan.

Community engagement for the North Service Area Master Plan (North Minneapolis) and East of the River Park Master Plan (Northeast/Southeast Minneapolis) are underway. Check out the links above for more information. Development of the Southwest Service Area Master Plan begins in 2018.

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