Historic North Loop

Go On A North Loop History Tour

We’re in the early stages of our North Loop history plaque project, but by popular demand, we’ve created this map of where you can find the first set of plaques.

Each one will give you highlights and illustrations of the building’s history. And by scanning the QR code in the upper right corner, you can get more information and images.

Or you can click on these links below:

  1. Creamette pasta factory
  2. Famous architect’s design (Aria)
  3. Streetcar facility (MartinPatrick3, Statement, etc.)
  4. Carriages and farm equipment (Hewing Hotel)
  5. National Biscuit Bakery (Traffic Zone/Bev’s/Jeromeo etc)
  6. Studebaker buggies (Edina Realty, Broadhead, Axebridge, Orangetheory, etc)
  7. Model T Ford Assembly (Ford Center)
  8. Maytag Washers (NOLO’s)
  9. Sunshine Biscuit Bakery (Loose-Wiles/Freehouse)
  10. Candy factory (Gurley Lofts)
  11. Mouthwash factory (918 Lofts)
  12. John Deere farm machinery (TractorWorks, Bar La Grassa, Snack Bar, etc)
  13. Mars Candy (SoHo Lofts)
  14. Flour bag factory (Tower Lofts)
  15. Glass factory (Black Sheep Pizza)
  16. Lutefisk processing facility (Crisp & Green, Floyd’s, etc.)
  17. Windmills, wagons, farm supplies (Security Warehouse Lofts)

We also have online entries for these buildings that don’t yet have plaques:

  1. World’s first pop-up toaster
  2. Burlesque dancers’ lodging (Runyons)
  3. Instant coffee factory (Mulberry’s, Parc, Houser)
  4. Combination funeral home and furniture store
  5. Former hotels on 1st Street
  6. Wholesale grocery distributor (Western Container building)
  7. Giant hardware distributor
  8. Cuzzy’s colorful history
  9. Grand church that used to be in the North Loop
  10. Bloody Friday (Labor riots of 1934)
  11. Oyster distributor (Now a storage facility by Target Field)
  12. Oldest warehouse (North Loop Wine & Spirits)
  13. Steam laundry plant (Billy Sushi)
  14. Buggies and Wagons (Darby’s, Designers Guild building)
  15. Groceries to Books (Bookmen Lofts)
  16. North Loop’s oldest retailer (Ribnick)
  17. Farm machinery distributor (RiverWalk)
  18. Glass factory (D.NOLO, Pacifier, Cobble, etc.)
  19. Former hotel (Foster House)
  20. Nut distributor (SoHo Lofts)

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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